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Executive Coaching

Prize Inside helps you discover the pieces to the puzzle.
Prize Inside’s executive coaching program is for professionals, business partners or teams and is designed to improve effectiveness in ways linked to the overall business strategy.
According to a Manchester Inc. study, executive coaching delivered an average return of 5.7 times the initial investment in a typical executive coaching assignment through improvements in productivity, quality, executive turnover, customer service, and shareholder value.
Our coaching is a short term (6 – 9 months) partnership between a certified coach and executive, or business partners, or teams. The coaching program helps you take measurable actions to achieve specific business goals.

The coaching program includes three 40-minute telephone coaching sessions each month with assignments and self-observations between the sessions to change your behavior and create new success habits. The phone sessions instill a process of introspection and self awareness and let you share your insights about what you’re learning and ways to change your perspective to achieve your goals. Assignments and self-observation between the sessions help you form new habits in success oriented behaviors and communication methods.

Prize Inside guides marketing and sales leaders, entrepreneurs, and senior executives with one-on-one and group coaching that can make profound differences in professional effectiveness.
We specialize in helping leaders who are transitioning into new positions learn how to communicate, motivate and perform more effectively at work. Many of our clients say they have also learned how to get more balance in their professional and personal lives.
With a seasoned Prize Inside coach, you get honest, direct feedback regarding what you want to achieve, why you do the things you do and how you can change your perspective to get better results. We help you clarify your objectives, create an action plan, and employ realistic strategies to attain them. To do this, we will hold you responsible and accountable while serving as a sounding board for ideas, issues, and obstacles that you encounter. The coaching process helps define and achieve goals faster and with more ease than when working alone.
Impact of Executive Coaching on Organizations

Coaching can help you reach your full potential
Executive Coaching impacts not only the person being trained, but also the employees managed by the individual being coached. Companies that employ coaching for executives can realize improvements in:
  • productivity
  • quality
  • organizational strength and commitment
  • customer service
  • shareholder value
  • fewer customer complaints
  • retaining executives who had been coached
  • job satisfaction
  • better working relationships with direct reports, senior management, colleagues/team, clients and vendors
  • dealing with conflict
To set up a complimentary 20-minute coaching session to experience the power of coaching, email Marti Campbell, President of Prize Inside or call her directly at (301) 650-4160.

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Request a complimentary 20-minute coaching session to experience the power of coaching!

Call Marti Campbell, President of Prize Inside directly at (301) 650-4160 or
email her at bottom of this page.

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If you need to get clear on what’s not working so you can you can create what you really want, call us to discuss the Executive Coaching option.
Prize Inside has developed a rapid launch process that will help you be successful in your coaching process.
We call it the DECIDE™ Process and it uses six discrete steps to help you:

1. D escribe what you want to achieve
2. E xplore your options
3. C reate an action plan
4. I mplement daily actions
5. D etermine accountability measures
6. E xperience results

During the DECIDE process, you will learn techniques for eventually coaching yourself and others. This is a skill you’ll use for the rest of your life. Knowing how to coach your team, superiors, and colleagues will enhance your professional reputation.

Experience the power of coaching with Prize Inside.